Hitting Hemlines
by Tommie Elizabeth

Saturday, May 17, 2014

101 Things in 1001 Days

I was reading a blog the other day and was completely inspired on one of her post. She made a list of 101 task to do in 1001 days. I thought, how cool, LETS DO ITTTT!  

As you might know, us Americans love our new years resolutions and we keep them all too! ;) Seriously though, one of my new years resolutions was to stop saying I was going to do this or that and do it! I want to live more and experience life to the fullest. Yeah, yeah.... I know what your thinking, we all say this. I really wanted to take a dig at it. Something I did was going to New Orleans for my b-day, that was up in the air until about a week before. 

I just kept telling myself (like most people do) that I'll do it tomorrow and like always tomorrow never came. I wanted to be like Jim Carrey in Yes Man. Just start saying YES to everything! Not really, but you get my point. Oh and if you haven't seen the movie! I highly recommend it since Jim Carrey is comedy gold!

Here is the blog I got the idea from! I used some of her items since they were so good! I will keep you updated when I complete a significant amount.

Start Date: May 17, 2014
End Date: February 11, 2017
1001 Days to go
  1. Put $10 into savings for every goal I accomplish
  2. Travel to two NEW places in America
  3. Get my passport
  4. Travel out of the country 
  5. Give my blog a face lift 
  6. Blog more frequently
  7. Go to New York for a Summer PR Internship 
  8. Do at least 2 internships before graduating
  9. Walk at graduation for my Associates degree
  10. GRADUATE and Walk at graduation for my Bachelors degree 
  11. Beat some twelve-year-old at paintball
  12. Watch some orcas swim in the wild
  13. Operate an excavator or bulldozer like a boss
  14. Dust the sand out of my eyes and attend the Today Show
  15. Learn at least 10 phrases in Spanish or French
  16. Climb some rocks, indoor that is
  17. Climb the Statue of Liberty
  18. Go to a professional football or basketball game
  19. Watch Chicago paint the river green
  20. Move into my first apartment
  21. Become a regular runner 
  22. Complete a half marathon
  23. Get rowdy/dance on top of a bar/table
  24. Skinny dip 
  25. Get my scuba certification
  26. make "fetch" happen
  27. Take a Krav Maga class
  28.  Buy a homeless person a complete meal
  29. Volunteer more frequently
  30. Write a nice letter and give it to someone random on the street
  31. Yikes! this one scares me -- go on a budget free shopping spree
  32. Sleep in the back of my Boy's truck, under the stars
  33. Moon someone
  34. Put soap in a public fountain
  35. Watch a cirque du soleil show
  36. Watch a Broadway show
  37. Chill at a rooftop bar or restaurant
  38. Ride some rides at Coney Island
  39. Reflect and be thankful at Ground Zero
  40. Quit me job and work at a Fashion PR Firm
  41. Hide my phone from myself for a weekend
  42. Attend or work a show during New York's Fashion Week
  43. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  44. Sit and Sip on some wine at a wine tasting
  45. Send a surprise package to some of my friends and family
  46. Buy a bicycle
  47. Go on a 20 mile bike ride
  48. Take a trapeze class
  49. Finish reading every unread book in my possession before buying any more new ones
  50. Throw a surprise party for someone
  51. Establish a pilates and yoga routine 
  52. Go to a festival
  53. Invest in a good camera or laptop
  54. Try 5 LOCAL restaurants
  55. Buy coffee for the person behind me in line
  56. Buy the person behind me in line's groceries or dinner
  57. Participate in a flash mob
  58. Find my signature drink
  59. Take a train ride
  60. Create a home office or nook
  61. Move out of Nevada even just for a year
  62. Walk on Fiiiiiya
  63. Take a helicopter ride
  64. Make a snowman 
  65. Get a bar cart
  66. Create an inspiration board
  67. Be a tourist for the day in Las Vegas
  68. Become 20 pounds lighter
  69. Get a tattoo
  70. Go night swimming
  71. Find out how many licks it really takes to get the center of a tootsie pop
  72. Have a spa day
  73. Don't wear my hair up for a full week
  74. Lay in the middle of the road at night, like The Notebook
  75. Learn how to play the ukulele or piano
  76. Go Parasailing
  77. Witness Manhattanhenge
  78. Write a letter to myself for my 30 year old self to find
  79. Attend the Ellen DeGeneres Show
  80. Stargaze on top of a roof
  81. Meet an editor-in-chief at a major publication
  82. Paint pottery
  83. Attend a poetry reading and snap with the fellow deep thinkers
  84. Ride an ATV in the dunes
  85. Build a killer sand castle
  86. Get crafty and make a DIY project
  87. Go to both water parks in Las Vegas
  88. Get really tan one summer
  89. Take on a food challenge
  90. Attend or work an awards show
  91. Visit five new museums
  92. Find the perfect little black dress
  93. Get to 200 likes on Hitting Hemlines Facebook page 
  94. Learn one of those catchy dances
  95. Learn how to do airbrush make up
  96. Graduate a semester earlier then expected
  97. Save all "extra" money for  a month and do something nice with it
  98. Participate in a beer crawl
  99. Go through all my belonging and start tossing
  100. Watch turtles hatch and run to the ocean
  101. Join or start a club of some sort

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  1. Amazing list! I'm all about 51 and 65... and 72. ;) So glad I could inspire you to create a list of your own!

    (I have since changed the name and URL of my blog, be sure to update it in the link you have! :) )


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